Phase sequence indicators UPChF-1, UPChF-1М

Indicators UPChF-1 and UPChF-1М are intended to determine direct and reverse phase sequence in 3-phase AC electrical circuit with grounded neutral of rated voltage 380/200 V, 50 Hz. In addition to determination of phase sequence, Indicator UPChF-1M is intended to measure voltage in AC circuits and resistance.


measurement range

operation conditions


Temperature -30...+50 °С, relative humidity 90 % at temperature +25 °С.

The indicator operation mode is short-term.

V – 380/220 – 50 Hz


V – 380/220 – 50 Hz

V – 400 – 50 Hz “~”

kΩ – 0...10 “-”

These instruments may be used during mounting of phase-dependent 3-ph electrical receivers, electric motors, pumps, machine tools, 3-ph residual current circuit breakers and other loads, as well as during adjustment and repair.

Ordering examples

Indicator UPChF-1, TU 25-7504.143-99

Indicator UPChF-1M, TU 25-7504.143-99

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