Portable power quality analyzer MPK

The MPK1 meter is designed to measure power quality indices (voltage parameters) in three-phase, three-wire and three-phase, four-wire AC mains and systems, as well as in points for mounting power quality indices meters (PQIM) of substations, power quality monitoring and control systems (PQ MCS) of PJSC FGC UES while keeping measurement results according to the preset algorithms within the time periods counted by the real-time clock. Additionally, the meter is used to ensure the power quality indices compliance with the quality standards in general power supply systems of default voltages according to GOST 29322-2014 (IEC 38-83), 50 Hz, and optional PQI (voltage parameters) display (off-display option is allowed) as decimal numbers, and to transmit indices in a digital code through interfaces RS485 and Ethernet.

The MPK1 meter is a power quality continuous monitoring meter functioning as PQIM (voltage parameters measurement), and it is intended for long-term measurements including performance of diagnostic and research works.


Main parameters


rated voltage: 57,73 (100) or 230 (400) V

rated current: 1 or 5 А

current/voltage measurement frequency: 42.5...57.5 Hz

Communication interface

Ethernet (“optics” or “copper”); RS485

Temperature range (operating)

From -40 to +55 °С

Protection extent

IP 50

Electromagnetic compatibility

According to the requirements specified in ISCRI 22 for equipment class “A”

Power supply voltage

from 90 to 264 VAC, (50 ± 0.5) Hz or from 130 to 370 VDC

Calibration interval

10 years

Guarantee period

24 months

PQI parameters

Measurement of power quality indices

According to the requirements of GOST 30804.4.30-2013, GOST 30804.4.7-2013, GOST R 51317.4.15-2012, GOST R 8.655-2009, GOST 32144-2013, GOST 29322-2014, GOST 31819.23-2012, GOST 31819.22-2012


– mean square value of phase, line-to-line voltage, U

– frequency, f

– voltage n-harmonic component factor, КU(n)

– voltage waveform distortion factor, КU

– negative-sequence voltage factor, К2U

– zero-sequence voltage factor, К0U

– ACF duration, Δtn

– ACF depth, δUn

– voltage interruption duration, Δtinter

– temporary overvoltage duration, Δtov.volt U

– temporary overvoltage factor, Kov.volt U

– short-term flicker indicator, PSt

– long-term flicker indicator, PLt

Metrological characteristics

According to GOST 30804.4.30-2013 (Class А), GOST 32144-2013

Interfaces parameters

Remote HMI and Control

HTTP (WEB interface)

Integration in telemetry systems

IEC 60870-5-104 (Ethernet), IEC 60870-5-101 (EIA RS485) IEC 61850-8-1 (Ethernet)


NTP (RFC 5905), PTP (IEEE 1588)

Order form

MPKa – b – с – d – e – f

а – input measured parameters:
1 – voltage meter;

b – rated values of measured parameters:
– 100 V, 400 V – line voltage or U/100 – voltage transformation factor (rated secondary winding voltage: 100 V);

c – reference designation of main interface Ethernet:
REО – availability of interface Ethernet (“optics”);
REC – availability of interface Ethernet (“copper”);

d – reference designation for availability of interface RS485 (only for REC meters):
х – specified with no interface RS485;
RS – availability of interface RS485;

е – availability of indicators:
х – indicator-free design (basic design);

f – special version:
– otherwise, this parameter is not specified.

Ordering examples

MPK1 – 100V – REO – x – x TU 25-7504.231-2016
For MPK meter with the following characteristics: input parameter – rated voltage of 100 V, interface Ethernet (“optics”).

MPK1 – 400V – REС – RS – x TU 25-7504.231-2016
For MPK meter with the following characteristics: input parameter – rated voltage of 400 V, interface Ethernet (“copper”), interface RS485.

The delivery set comprises the following:

1. MPK meter;
2. Case;
3. Wires with clamps to connect input signals;
4. Power cable;
5. Operation Manual and Calibration Method for a batch of up to 10 pcs.;
6. Record.

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