Multifunctional revenue energy meter and power quality analyzer PQI120C

PQI120C is designed for revenue metering, measurement of power quality index (PQI), parameters of current, voltage, power, active and reactive power in 3ph mains and AC systems, as well as in points of meters mounting while keeping measurement results and displaying parameters of accounted electric power, PQI parameters and subsequent data transmission via communication interfaces.

PQI120C is installed in the power quality monitoring and control systems for continuous monitoring of power quality indices of substations.

Power Quality Measurement and Monitoring (Class A):
– rms voltage;
– frequency;
– duration and index of ACF and overvoltage;
– temporary overvoltage duration;
– long- and short-term flicker indicator;
– temporary overvoltage factor;
– voltage n-harmonic component factor;
– voltage waveform distortion factor;
– negative-sequence voltage factor;
– zero-sequence voltage factor.
Multifunctional power meter (Class 0.2S):
– metering of consumed active power based on cumulative total and separately according to rates;
– eight rates;
– active and reactive power;
– active and reactive power loss;
– energy recording malfunction flags.

Overall drawings


Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg, max


120 х 120 х 75


Main parameters

rated voltage

100 V or 400 V

rated current

1 А or 5 А

Temperature range (operating)

from -40 °С to +55 °С

Dust/moisture protection

IP51, GOST 14254

Resistance to mechanical effects

Group 4 according to GOST 22261

Electromagnetic compatibility

Interference immunity: GOST R 51317.6.5;

Electromagnetic emission: ISCRI 22 for Class A

Calibration interval

10 years

Guarantee period

36 months

Power Supply

Power supply voltage

from 90 to 264 V AC, (50 ± 0.5) Hz or from 130 to 370 V DC

Power consumption

5 VA


Communication protocols

Ethernet 10/100 BASE TX (RJ45 connector) (2 ports) or Ethernet 100 BASE FX (ST connector) (2 ports), RS485, fiber optic port - IEC 61107, test pulse output, IEC 61850-8-1

Type of display

3 units of 7-segment indicators

(4 indicators per each unit)

Remote HMI and Control

HTTP (WEB interface)

Integration in telemetry systems

IEC 60870-5-104 (Ethernet channel),

IEC 60870-5-101 (EIA RS-485 channel),

IEC 61850-8-1,

Optical interface “optical port” (IEC 61107), pulse output interface

Integration in power quality indices (PQI) control system

HTTP (integration in PQI visualization and monitoring software package supplied in completion with the meter)

Integration in automated power supply monitoring and control system

Enlargement of IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC 61850-8-1


NTP (RFC 5905)/PTP (IEEE `1588)

Total compliance with the Russian standards

Power quality: GOST 30804.4.30-2013, GOST 32144-2013, GOST R 51317.4.15-2012, GOST 30804.4.7-2013, GOST R 8.655-2009

Revenue metering: GOST 31819.22-2012 (class 0.2S)

GOST 31819.23-2012 (class 1)

Mains parameters measurement: GOST 22261-94, GOST R 52931-2008, GOST 29322-92.

Order form

PQI120C – b – с – d – e – f – g – h

b – rated voltage:
– line voltage – 100 V, 400 V;
– transformation ratio of voltage (rated secondary voltage value is 100 V);

c – rated current:
– phase current – 1.0 А; 5.0 А;
– transformation ratio of current (nominal secondary current value is 1 A, 5 A);

d – the type of the main Ethernet interface:
– 2REО – an interface Ethernet («optics», «Optics»);
– 2REC – an interface Ethernet («copper», «twisted pair»);

е – the symbol of the presence of an additional interface RS485:
– 2RS – availability of two interfaces RS485;

f – symbol of the measuring circuit:
- 3W - for three-wire connection scheme,
- 4W - for four-wire connection scheme;

g – indicators colour:
– R – red indicators,
– G – green indicators,
– Y – yellow indicators,

h – temperature range (operating):
– (-40...+55° C);

Ordering example

PQI120C – 400V – 5А – 2RЕО – 2RS – 4W – R – (-40...+55° C) TU 25-7504.227 2014
PQI120C with the following characteristics: dimensions of 120х120 mm, rated voltage of 400 V, rated current of 5.0 А, two interfaces Ethernet (“optics”), two interfaces RS485, four-wire measurement design, red indicators, for operation at temperature of minus 40 to plus 55 °С.

PQI120C Сertificate of conformity (-ob-utv, 433.7 Kb )   View   Download
PQI120C Configurator (rar, 4.2 Mb )   View   Download
UCAiug Level A Certificate IEC 61850 (pdf, 165.4 Kb )   View   Download


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