SchUP120U is subsequent development of  series-produced SchUP120 indicator. It is installed on the control panel and structurally compatible with the standard pointer quotient-meter of UP30 type.
The indicator is suitable for installation on Bulgaria drives MZ-2, MZ-4 instead of stages indicator of LKM type, on Germany drives MR, EM and ED-S, as well as on any other drives with the resistive pickup or the pickup with an output signal “current loop”. The indicator operates in combination with the selsyn transmitter of drive turn angle type BD404 or BD1404 and suitable for installation on all drives (types RNT 13, PDP-1, PDP-4, etc.).
SchUP120U is provided with setting maximum permissible drive positions. Presence of digital and analogue output signals allows transmitting data on a drive stage to telemechanics systems, ADCS, SSE (stepped start equipment).

Overall drawings


Overall dimensions, mm, max.

Sign height, mm, min.

Weight, kg, maximum


120 x 120 x 103

(w/ rear cover)



Minimum full resistance of resistive pickup

25 Ω

Voltage supplied to the resistive pickup

+5 V

Voltage supplied to the selsyn transmitter

24…27 V

Temperature range (operating)

-40 °С... +50 °С


RS485 (Modbus RTU)

Interface exchange rate

9600 baud. – by default;

4800, 19200, 38400 baud. – user re-programmable

Analogue output

4…20 mA – by default;

0...20 mA, 0…5 mA – user re-programmable

Relay output

300 V, 100 mA

Front frame protection level


Indicator supply voltage

220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

15 V•А

Mean time between failures, min

10000 h

Mean life, min

10 years

Order form

SchUP120U a – b – c – d

a – TP (х), lock, RV availability:

TP (х) – sensor of output signal type

“current loop”, where х – А (0...5 mA),

В (4...20 mA), С (0...20 mA)

Lock – module for interlocking of maximum permissible positions of drive RPN

RV – relay output

х – no parameter

b – indicators colour:

R – red

G – green

c – number of drive positions:

1... 99 (Customer’s selection)

d – angle between stages or stage resistance value:

Х°С – stage value in degrees with the selsyn transmitter

YR – stage value in Ω for drives with the resistive pickup

Ordering examples

SchUP120U – TP (А), lock, RV – R – 10 – 5R TU 25-7504.214-2011

SchUP120U indicator with the following characteristics: availability of input signal “current loop” of 0...5 mA, interlocking output, relay output, red indicators, a number of drive positions is 10, pickup stage resistance is 5 Ω.

SchUP120U – х – З – 20 – 10°С TU 25-7504.214-2011

SchUP120U indicator has the following characteristics: green indicators, a number of drive positions is 20, angle value between stages for pickups with the selsyn transmitter is 10°С.

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