Production line

Plant Overview

JSC “Electropribor” has it’s own production facilities ensuring the complete cycle for meters production: from their development to shipment to the end consumers in the shortest possible time anywhere in the country. JSC “Electropribor” has been operating since 1960; the instrument, blank and assembly productions were established for that period, and successfully function. Advanced equipment of famous European manufacturers, such as processing centeres, molding machines, chip-cell surface-mounted assembly units is used at the company.

Assembly Production

Assembly shop provides output of finished products ensuring high quality level in a very short time. This shop assembles both analogue and digital meters. Two assembly lines for the purpose of analogue meters assembly operate in the temperature-controlled shop. The compliance of the meter with drawings, technical specifications, technologies processes, requirements of reliability and quality system are controlled at each stage of their production.Our company has all facilities for the meter testing and their calibration. There is a SMD-mounting line for assembly of digital meters. The existing equipment allows installation of components, PCBs lacquering, adjustment, calibration and verification of the meters on the special test facilities as well as thermal acceptance test of the meters.

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Blank Production specializes in manufacturing and supplying of the assembly production with all necessary components - scales for the analogue meters, pointers, cases, etc.

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Instrument Production carries out the orders to design and manufacture complex industrial equipment and performs various types of metal working.

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Special Design department and Technological department develops the new meters and supports the serial production of the meters.

Our own test laboratory allows support the quality of the production at the highest level. The laboratory equipment allows carry out research testes, preliminary testes, periodic testes, reliability testes, as well as tests for failure-free (reliability) and other types of tests of the meters samples.

Each meter instrument of approved type is produced with the primary calibration. The calibration is carried out by the metrological department of JSC “Electropribor” accredited in accordance with Federal Law No. 412-FZ dated December 28, 2013 for the right of calibration in the national accreditation system.

Besides the JSC “Electropribor” has the industrial and sanitary control laboratory certified for technical expertise of quantitative chemical analysis in the sphere of environmental control of waste water, atmospheric air, industrial atmospheric emissions and measurements of physical factors of environment.